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Specializing in Steeple & Bell Tower Restoration
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Russak Restoration Has High Standards When It Comes to Restoring Buildings
With more than 25 years of experience working on all facets of restoration, Russak Restoration, LLC is capable of improving the structure and appearance of tired, old buildings. 
Even though Russak Restoration specializes in restoring high structures such as church steeples and bell towers, it welcomes other restoration projects from communities and private owners. The company handles all types of roof repairs, too. A complete list of services is available.

Russak Restoration is an award-winning contractor in Connecticut. Every day many people drive by or walk past buildings that we have restored. Photos and descriptions will be placed throughout this site.

Building good customer relationships is very important to Russak Restoration. It's part of our high standards. The products we use, the work that is performed, and the way we communicate with people matter to us all the time. We have many references and are happy to share a few examples.
Helicopter assisted Russak Restoration with a lighthouse project.
Russak Restoration Will Go as High as Necessary to Get the Job Done, Even with Helicopters
Russak Restoration will go as high as necessary to get the job done, even with helicopters.
Click on any image above to read about the Pogue Lighthouse Restoration we did on Martha's Vineyard.
A lighthouse on Martha's Vineyard was one of Russak Corporation's projects.